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muslim_museumIt seemed like a tailor-made report for Fox News, and Fox and Friends Saturday cohost Anna Kooiman indignantly interjected it into a discussion of the shutdown of national museums and historic places. President Obama, she said, was using his own money to keep a museum dedicated to Muslim culture open while such places as the World War II Memorial were being shut down. The report originated with, which showed a photo of the “International Museum of Muslim Cultures in Jackson, Mississippi” that seemed to resemble Disney Hall in Los Angeles crash-landed on a cruise ship. The report quoted Obama as saying, “We have killed millions of Muslims overseas since the September 11th attacks. They are not all bad. In fact most of them are good. So during this shutdown, now is a great time to learn about the faith of Islam.” Eventually the producers of the show must have checked the source of Kooiman’s story and discovered that it was a spoof site. Early Sunday morning she tweeted: “Just met w producers- I made a mistake yday after receiving flawed research abt a museum possibly closing. My apologies. Won’t happen again.”