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Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón has described the process of working on the movie within the studio system as like trying to create a song “while you have a hundred people singing around you.” In an interview with the sci-fi website, Cuarón describes how he had to fend off studio executives who bombarded him with what they regarded as helpful suggestions. “Because they put a lot of money [into Gravity] and they couldn’t see absolutely anything for not months [but] years,” he said. “And not because I didn’t want to show them anything. Just to put together the footage took years. So while the process goes, everybody gets a little nervous. A little anxious. ‘Are you sure you don’t need this? Are you sure we don’t need to pump up the action value, like having an enemy, like a missile strike?’ Everybody is just dropping stuff, because they are flying … blind.” Nevertheless, Cuarón concluded, “In the end, they were all very respectful.”