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Rupert Murdoch took to Twitter on Sunday to denounce the BBC as an organization of 8,000 “left wing journalists far outnumbering all national print journalists.” (One man, who described himself as an “Occaisional BBC Contributer,” responded: “I think you complaining about lack of balance in the UK press is the biggest case of hypocrisy ever displayed on Twitter.”) A few hours later, Murdoch returned to his theme: “BBC massive taxpayer funded mouthpiece for tiny circulation leftist Guardian. Meanwhile print media about to be gagged to protect toffs [high society].” The News Corp chief, whose company owns a controlling interest in rival broadcaster BSkyB, as well as the London Sun, the Times and the Sunday Times, was apparently referring to recent BBC coverage of the Guardian‘s publication of the NSA documents leaked to it by Edward Snowden. However, much of that coverage has tended to be critical — including an interview with Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald last Thursday by Kirsty Wark, a reporter for the BBC’s Newsnight, which the Huffington Post described as “deeply hostile.” He also appeared to be referring to plans for new media regulation that were instigated by admitted telephone hacking and alleged payoffs to police and other officials by reporters working for his now-defunct News of the World and the Sun.