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A&E’s Duck Dynasty has received much praise for its portrayal of traditional “family values” and Christian morality, a different take on reality TV that has brought the show 8.6 million viewers, higher than any other non-sports show on cable TV except for AMC’s The Walking Dead. But the current issue of Men’s Journal reveals something that is not seen on television: All of the male members of the Robertson clan are addicted to snuff — chewing tobacco. In an interview with the magazine, Phil Robertson, the head of the Louisiana family depicted in the series, acknowledged, “When you’re dealing with young men, for lack of a better term,” he says, “it’s best for them to discover the great outdoors, and, in my humble opinion, to make sure they stay men, give them a little chewing tobacco from time to time. Spitting on the ground is a sign of maleness in our culture down here.” RadarOnline pounced on the admission today (Monday), noting that the National Cancer Institute has linked snuff, which is addictive, with oral cancer, esophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, heart disease, gum disease, and oral lesions.