Sunday, March 26, 2023


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Tracking surveys indicate that this weekend’s debut of Disney’s Thor: The Dark World will wind up with around $90-95 million, but some analysts are predicting even higher ticket sales. “$100 million in opening-weekend ticket sales isn’t out of the realm of possibility,” wrote Amy Kaufman in today’s (Friday) Los Angeles Times. But most others are predicting that the movie will have a tough time exceeding $90 million, with many predicting a debut around $83-87 million. Some analysts have noted, however, that the film is likely to get a bump on Sunday since Monday is a quasi-holiday, Veterans Day, with schools closed in most of the nation and government workers getting the day off. In any case, Thor faces little competition. There are no new films opening wide against it. Last weekend’s top film, Ender’s Game, is likely to take a big hit, probably ending up with around $11 million, about what Last Vegas and Free Birds are expected to make. But Bad Grandpa may perform a little better to come in second with around $12-16 million, according to analysts’ predictions.