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Members of the news media on Monday continued to voice their outrage over CBS’s 60 Minutes report on Benghazi that featured Dylan Davies, a now-discredited eye witness who claimed that he had warned officials about an imminent attack and described his own involvement in fending off the attackers. (An FBI report later obtained by the Washington Post and the New York Times indicated that Davies had lied.) On MSNBC liberal host Ed Schultz called for the same sort of “independent investigation” into the Benghazi story that followed Dan Rather’s flawed report in 2004 on President George W. Bush’s service in the National Guard and led to Rather’s ouster as anchor of the CBS Evening News. Noting that conservatives pounced on Rather’s blunder at the time, Schultz said on his The Ed Show, “My question is, where’s the conservative outrage now?” (Conservatives have maintained that the scenario presented by Davies was accurate, and Fox News has reportedly relied on Davies for its own reporting.) Interviewed on the show, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, asked, “Do conservatives have an egregious double standard toward truth?” On the Daily Show, Jon Stewart mocked 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan’s apology: “It’s such a pain in the ass to check, and then what if it was bulls**t, and we’d have these ten minutes to kill?”