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Comedian Bill Cosby lightheartedly took Jon Stewart to task for using four-letter words during a Stand Up for Heroes benefit show in New York where the two performed recently. Appearing on Stewart’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central Tuesday night, Cosby remarked, “You were out there and used some words…” Cosby recounted, as the audience began laughing, “And you said, ‘haruzzabotherbotkina,’ and I said to myself, ‘Oh, my.’ And then the people were laughing so hard, because you were swearing [Stewart interjected, ‘Yes!”] and cursing. [Stewart again:”Yes!”] I’m 76 years old. …” At this point, the audience began cheering, and Cosby interrupted himself to respond: “People applauding for a man on the way out.” He then continued, “What you have to understand, Jonathan, from whenst I cometh, when people cursed, the next thing is somebody was going to hit you. See, now there’s a whole new culture. People curse and they laugh. But for me, when you were cursing, I started crying.” Stewart, who is regularly bleeped by Comedy Central, then put his hand on Cosby’s shoulder and responded, “I wasn’t cursing. It was Yiddish.”