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Don’t single out 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan in assigning blame for that now notorious feature on the Benghazi attack, former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather said in effect on Thursday. Interviewed by radio talk-show host Joe Madison, Rather said, “There is a tendency when these kind of things happen to blame the correspondent whose voice and face was on the story, but … people in the corporate hierarchy of CBS News and leaders of the news division share at least as much of whatever blame there is to be as the correspondent.” Unfortunately, he added, “they try to make it appear their fingerprints aren’t on it.” Indeed, thus far no one has taken Jeff Fager, the producer of 60 Minutes, to task for allowing the inadequately substantiated report to be broadcast in the first place. (Fager is also the chairman of CBS News.) Rather appears to be backing off from his previous decision not to discuss the discredited 60 Minutes report, which he now suggests represented a far more egregious screw-up than his own report on President George W. Bush’s National Guard service. “We got into trouble, that is I and the other reporters, because we reported a true story,” he said, apparently alluding to the investigators’ conclusion that the supporting documents presented during the report could not be authenticated. “The difficulty with this Benghazi story, that they now acknowledge, [is that] the story was not true and they stood by it for a long time.”