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By excluding him from its 50th anniversary coverage of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, CBS was acting “like the Kremlin,” former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather said today (Thursday). In an interview with, Rather, who was the first to report from Dallas that the president was dead, charged that CBS, which dismissed him in 2006 after a disputably authenticated report about former President George W. Bush’s National Guard service, was now “trying to airbrush me out of their history.” He said that he was “surprised” that the network had not invited him to appear on their special. “In my optimism, I thought that maybe, just maybe, what was developing as I left CBS would fade and be past.” In fact, CBS has indicated that video of Rather’s reports from Dallas in 1963 will be included in the program and also excerpts from past programs in which he reminisced about that fateful day. (In fact, his predecessor on CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite, was similarly excluded from news programs on the network after he stepped down from the anchor’s chair in 1981, even though he remained on the CBS payroll.) Rather declined to be drawn into the current controversy concerning the discredited 60 Minutes report about Benghazi. CBS said on Wednesday that it is conducting a “journalistic review” of the report, suggesting that it would fall short of the full-scale independent investigation that followed Rather’s “memogate.” Rather is due to anchor his own report about the Kennedy assassination on cable channel AXS-TV on Nov. 18 and to be interviewed on NBC’s Today show on Nov. 22.