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Reflecting the general public’s growing disenchantment with 3D movies — and their attendant surcharges — RealD, which provides 3D projection and auxiliary devices to theaters, reported a second-quarter net loss of $4.7 million on Tuesday and said that its year-over-year revenue fell 20 percent. The company said that during the quarter, total revenue from 3D screenings was down substantially even though the number of 3D releases was up. In 2012 nine 3D releases during the quarter brought in $709 million from ticket sales; this year eleven 3D releases brought in $582 million. Given the current 3D downturn (the success of Gravity in 3D was a singular exception), RealD said that it is developing a number of 2D and 3D consumer devices that it hopes will offset the continuing losses in the theatrical market. It declined to describe the nature of the devices except to say that most of them will be aimed at the mobile and tablet markets.