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Adam Sandler has topped Forbes magazine’s annual list of the most-overpaid actors in Hollywood. The list is based on the up-front fees paid to an actor when compared with the box-office grosses of the actor’s last three films. Forbes points out that while Sandler’s Jack & Jill and That’s My Boy had respectable grosses, they did not justify the $15 million Sandler received for them. Jack & Jill, it noted, grossed $150 million but cost $80 million to make. The $70-million net then had to cover the costs of promoting the movie and then had to be split about equally with theaters. “That kind of return didn’t justify Sandler’s large upfront pay,” said Forbes. The magazine did acknowledge that Sandler did have a subsequent hit with Grown Ups 2 but that its research included movies released before June 2012. Grown Ups 2 was released in July.