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“2013 will probably be remembered as the year the industry gained full confidence and changes happened faster than any prognostication,” the state-owned China Daily commented today (Thursday). The English-language newspaper observed that the Chinese box office is expected to finish out the year with $3.54 billion in ticket sales — ten times the revenue of 2006, with more than half that amount attributed to domestic releases — “and without any palpable manipulations,” it noted. In the past, Chinese distributors have often delayed the release of Hollywood blockbusters so that they would not draw business away from domestic fare, but China Daily indicated that many Hollywood films “were trumped by a slew of mid-budget Chinese productions that did not resort to special effects, but rather, had dialogues that resonated with the local audience.” And that audience is trending younger, it said, currently averaging 21.4 years, with little patience for so-called art house fare. “The race is on to dumb-down the Chinese screen as much as possible,” it said.