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Some media writers were writing off 60 Minutes as the gold standard for broadcast journalism after Sunday night’s NSA feature about the NSA fronted by John Miller. Greg Mitchell in the Nation said that the piece had “something to offend everyone” and called Miller a “propagandist” for the NSA. Dave Itzkoff of the New York Times tweeted that the piece might have been headlined, “NSA Doing Great Job, Says 60 Minutes.” BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis also hit Twitter: “For shame, #60Minutes, for shame,” he wrote. “CBS just ‘bragged’ that John Miller is the ultimate insider. Yes, he just demonstrated that!” And former Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story of the Snowden leaks, said that it appeared that Miller had been given access to the NSA in return for “uncritical reverence.” He called the piece, “a new low for U.S. journalism.” The reaction to the 60 Minutes report on the NSA came at the same time that a federal judge ruled that its collection of phone records “almost certainly” is unconstitutional. In a related matter,, citing no sources, reported that Lara Logan, the 60 Minutes correspondent who was put on leave following her discredited report on Benghazi, is set to return to the program early next year, possibly as early as next month.”