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n a 4-3 decision, he New York State Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Fox News reporter Jana Winter is protected by the state’s shield law and will not have to reveal her source for a report in which she referred to the contents of a notebook that belonged to Aurora, CO theater shooting suspect James Holmes. Colorado has a shield law protecting journalists in some cases, but it is far weaker than New York’s. “This is a ringing endorsement of New York’s shield law and establishes that it has real teeth,” media lawyer Elizabeth McNamara told the New York Times. “The shield law goes back a long time and it has been a real element in establishing the publishing industry here in New York. This is an important decision in that it enforces the fact that journalists can make commitments to sources and they will be binding.” But, writing for the minority on the panel, Judge Robert Smith said that New York’s laws should not apply to a Colorado case.