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NBC’s Sunday Night Football dropped to third place in the ratings last week, overtaken by CBS’s NCIS and The Big Bang Theory. NBC, which had recorded one of its best weeks in the ratings in years the previous week with the one-two punch of football and The Sound of Music Live!, became a runner-up again. Notably, Nielsen included ESPN’s coverage of Monday Night Football in its ratings for the first time. In order, the top five TV shows for the week were CBS’s NCIS with 19.3 million viewers; CBS’s The Big Bang Theory with 17.7 million; NBC Sunday Night Football with 16.4 million; ESPN Monday Night Football with 16.2 million; and The OT on Fox with 15.8 million. The three evening news programs finished in the same order that they have repeatedly, with about one million viewers separating each of them. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams led the field with 9.30 million viewers, followed by ABC News with Diane Sawyer with 8.29 million viewers. The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley placed third with 7.35 million (the only one of the three to improve from the comparable week a year ago.