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The Austin, TX-based Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain is receiving much applause for its strict no talking/no texting policy. In an interview with NBC’s Today show, Drafthouse chief Tim League said that nearly all moviegoers who come to his theaters willingly comply with the policy. And those who talk or text stop after one warning. “We kick out the one percent, the rudest people in America,” he said. And when they do, he indicated, they often receive much praise from other members of the movie audience. “Real movie fans want to get lost in the movie experience and don’t want to be distracted by talking and texting,” he said. As for studies indicating that young moviegoers consider texting and tweeting about a film to be part of the overall experience, League commented, “Lots of people worry that the younger generation won’t go to movies without having a ‘second screen’ experience. … I think that is condescending towards young movie fans.”