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TV Critic Blows the [Duck] Whistle on A&E

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Baltimore Sun TV critic David Zurawik commented on Sunday that A&E channel’s shifting statements in reaction to Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson’s comments about gays and blacks were dictated not by principle but by business. Appearing on Howard Kurtz’s Media Buzz on Fox News, Zurawik remarked, “This is money, money, and more money. … A&E has no business without [the Robertsons]. They are their business. So they had to live with it.” (Some 8.9 million viewers tuned in for the Duck Dynasty Christmas special, according to ratings released on Friday.) Zurawik called A&E’s initial response to Phil Robertson’s remarks “a laundered, lawyered, best-PR-you-can-buy kind of statement, and that’s what made me mad about this, when they took him off suspension with no consequences.” Referring to A&E’s most recent statement that Robertson and his family regretted the “misinterpretation of [Robertson’s] core beliefs,” Kurtz commented, “I couldn’t find anything that he’s said … where he regretted anything. He has not backed down.” Zurawik chimed in that Robertson has shown nothing but defiance “and A&E rolled over instantly.”