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A group of USC students hope to raise funds via Kickstarter to make a weekly Web series about the potential effects, good and bad, of Google Glass in the classroom. According to the Daily Trojan, the USC student newspaper, the series, titled Glass in the Class will focus on students’ experiences testing the innovative device, set to be released next year, which allows users to wear a computer the way they do eyeglasses. While Google has been testing it with consumers for several months, Michael Cherin, a communications major and spokesman for the project, told the Daily Trojan that no one has tested it in the classroom. “Are teachers going to accept it? Is it going to benefit, or will teachers see it as a negative effect on learning? … All these questions I know people are going to want answered, and I wanted to find a way to do it and kind of be the first ones to pioneer in this field.” Three USC communications professors have reportedly agreed to allow the filmmakers to use their classrooms for the series. Chernin indicated that the aim of the project is to aid the university in determining whether Google Glass will be beneficial in the academic setting. “We don’t want anyone to have to deal with getting kicked out of class for using Google Glass or anything,” Cherin said. “We want a university-wide position of, ‘We’re going to accept it, or we’re not.'”