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The campy Batman TV series that was a hit on ABC nearly 50 years ago is finally coming to DVD. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Wednesday confirmed a report of the decision to release a boxed set of the series after Conan O’Brien’s tweeted about it. The series, produced by William Dozier, starred Adam West as Batman, Burt Ward as Robin, Lee Meriwether as Catwoman, Cesar Romero as The Joker, Burgess Meredith as The Penguin, and Frank Gorshin as The Ridder. Reacting to the announcement, Chris Sims wrote on “Getting the show is a pretty big deal — while it remains in syndication on television, the only way the entire series has been available to fans before now was on grainy bootlegs taped off of TV Land and sold at conventions, and folks, nobody wants a part of that. Getting a legit version is a big deal, if only to see the show crisply for the first time… well, ever.” A date for the release of the Batman box set has not been disclosed.