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British television producers are expecting to receive a huge international boost as a result of the growing popularity in online video. The British trade publication Screen Daily quoted Carnival Films managing director Gareth Neame as saying, “If you’ve got Apple TV or Hulu you can watch new U.K. shows before they reach a TV network. That more than anything else is making U.K. shows global.” The trade publicatiion pointed out that tax breaks have also resulted in more U.S. dollars pouring into the TV production industry in the U.K. Among shows benefiting from the breaks were CBS’s Elementary and HBO’s Game Of Thrones and Veep. But the tactic may have thrown the TV business somewhat off-kilter, Far Moor founding director Justin Thomson-Glover noted in an interview with Screen Daily. When his company was producing the drama The Fall last year for BBC2, he said, he had to compete directly with Game of Thrones to hire film crews. “We could only shoot during a particular window because [HBO] could pay significantly more than [us],” he said.