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January 16, 2014 by · 1 Comment 

The grandniece of Walt Disney has endorsed Meryl Streep’s recent remarks that Disney was a “gender bigot,” an anti-Semite, and a racist. In a message on Facebook, Abigail Disney, a documentary producer, pointed out that Disney’s The Jungle Book offered the advice to its protagonist, “Stay with your own kind.” (The advice comes from a bear and a tiger to the young human they had helped raise.) Abigail Disney also sharply criticized the movie Saving Mr. Banks, calling it a “misplaced attempt at hagiography … a brazen attempt by the company to make a saint out of the man.” She said that “Streep said exactly what I said about how in spite of it all, his vision was amazing, and he brought joy to so many around the world. So I say Brava Meryl.” Defenders of Walt Disney have said that he disregarded many of the seemingly sexist and anti-Semitic policies that his company had in place, policies that were ubiquitous in the entertainment industry and other industries at the time.