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Apparently believing that a live telecast shown around midnight does not require a five-second time delay to allow it to censor offensive language, Fox News Channel was hit with at least a couple of word bombs during its New Year’s eve coverage. Covering the festivities at Miami’s South Beach, FNC reporter Phil Keating asked two women to “Say something to the nation.” One of the women planted a long kiss on the other, who replied, “We’ve got 5 minutes into 2014 and we’re gonna f**k s**t up.” “Whoa!” exclaimed Keating, “This is a family channel.” The woman apologized, but a few seconds later returned and stuck her tongue out at the camera. Commented Keating, “That’s a little bit of the adventure of live television, everybody.” Moving on to another woman in the crowd, Keating elicited an indecipherable remark from her. “Some people have already had a little too much champagne,” he exclaimed. “That’s crazy talk.”