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I, Frankenstein, starring Aaron Eckhart and Bill Nighy, was not screened in advance for the majority of film critics, but a few were able to use their wiles to get a look at it anyway. Their reviews are the best explanation for the studio’s decision to hold it back from their colleagues. Actually, Linda Barnard writes in the Toronto Star that she was asked to withhold her review until 9:00 a.m. on opening day, suggesting to her, she says, that “the movie studio behind I, Frankenstein sees this as a ‘critic-proof’ effort.” The movie itself, she writes, “is remarkable only for how bad it is and how swiftly it will unseat Adam Sandler when next year’s Razie Awards are handed out.” Another Toronto critic, Liz Braun in the Sun, takes aim at the “cheesy special effects and dialogue so wooden you get splinters.” She then goes on to conclude: “This seems to be the sort of movie 11-year-olds may flock to, but even before the final epic battle between demons and gargoyles takes place, adults will have had enough.” Other critics are also happy to join in the burial of this Frankenstein. “The humorless, generic, and chatty Frankenstein served up here makes you wonder if the good doctor, in all his patching-together of parts, didn’t forget the brains,” writes Roger Moore for the McClatchy newspapers. And Andrew Barker in Variety concludes: “Long on talk and incoherent action, devoid of humor, this listless supernatural actioner surely has [Frankenstein creator] Mary Shelley turning in her grave.”