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Students at the USC School of Cinema Arts are completing a half-hour Bollywood-type film, using Indiegogo for fundraising and Facebook for casting. According to the USC Daily Trojan, some three dozen students (perhaps “the biggest student project yet,” said the newspaper) have been working on the film, now nearing completion, which imagines a world in which Napoleon, exiled to India, trains a new line of leaders who conquer the U.S. West Coast, naming it New India. The film is titled The UNI School of Bollywood Arts (UNI presumably standing for University of New India). Filming was completed over just two weekends. “It’s more of a tribute than an actual Bollywood film,” Sarah Jones, the film’s student producer said. “But its purpose is for audiences to enjoy the energy of this musical.” Ben Kadie, the film’s director, said that despite the tight shooting schedule, “the dance turned out quite well and it was pretty magical to see.”