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The explosive rise in the number of movie theaters in rural areas of China has made itself felt during the current week-long Chinese New Year holiday. The state-run Xinhua news service reported today (Wednesday) that Dadi Digital Cinema, a chain with cinemas located mainly in second-, third- and fourth-tier cities, has found itself ranked as the No. 2 exhibitor in China over the holiday, rising from No. 6. During the first five days of the holiday, a Dadi executive told Xinhua, the chain recorded $18.5 million in ticket sales, about 11 percent of all sales in the country during that period. Dadi usually accounts for 7.5 percent of the box office. Xinhua pointed out that during the holiday, many people working in cities return to their rural homes to visit. Hou Tao, an executive at Entgroup, an entertainment industry consultancy, commented that many people have developed a habit of going to the movies in the big cities and they stick to it when they return to their hometowns during the holiday.