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For years, the DVR has plagued late-night TV shows. If two strong competing primetime shows aired earlier in the evening, many viewers would simply watch one of them live and record the other to watch during the late-night hours. But with the arrival of Jimmy Fallon’s new Tonight show, the reverse seems to have occurred. About two million viewers watched his show within three days after it aired, thereby boosting his premiere-week audience to 10.42 million, the largest since Johnny Carson’s final week in 1992. Among the key 18-49 group, the show got a lift of 29 percent from Nielsen’s “live plus same-day” rating of 2.8 to 3.6 for “live plus three day.” Total viewers grew from 8.49 million for “live plus same day” to 10.42 million for “live plus three day.” Nevertheless, as high as those figures appear to be, they are only about half what Carson generated during his final week in May 1992.