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While Jimmy Fallon’s new Tonight show has generated huge ratings since its debut, it has produced even bigger numbers online via YouTube, NBC.com and Hulu. Today’s (Thursday) New York Times reported that during the show’s first week, clips from the late-night show amassed more than 37 million views on YouTube alone. The Times observed, however, that the clips appear on YouTube without commercials and therefore do not generate additional income for the network. “Right now our strategy for YouTube is really about marketing and building audiences across all platforms,” Rob Hayes, the executive vice president of digital media for NBC Entertainment, told the newspaper, adding, “If we want to monetize the clips in the future, it will be our choice.” The clips on NBC.com and Hulu do appear with commercials, but those sites draw only a fraction of the number of people who catch them on YouTube. There’s another reason that the network uploads them, Hayes indicated: “If we weren’t on YouTube, those clips would be pirated and put up by other people.”