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It’s hard to figure out which films are going to become popular on the pirate websites. Sometimes films that were duds at the box office become hugely popular on the sites. Other times films that are Oscar contenders take months to hit’s weekly list of the ten most pirated movies. Take the most recent list, for example. 12 Years a Slave, a frontrunner for this year’s Best Film Oscar, arrived on the list last week — at No. 1. Another film, After the Dark, landed on the list for the first time in fifth place. But whoever heard of After the Dark, an independent movie that opened in a very limited number of theaters two weeks ago to mixed reviews? It’s hard to imagine someone uploading a bootleg copy of the film to begin with, let alone enough people downloading it to make it the fifth most-pirated movie of the week. Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum for an explanation. (Figuratively speaking, that is.) Between the No. 1 and No. 5 movies on the TorrentFreak list are three more familiar titles — in order: Thor: The Dark World, Frozen, and Gravity.