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After debuting with 11.3 million viewers on Monday, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon saw its numbers fall 35 percent to 7.3 million on Tuesday, then to 6.3 million on Wednesday. Nevertheless, those numbers must still be regarded as impressive — at least for now. They’re more than the numbers for Fallon’s rivals, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel combined. They’re also greater than the 3.7 million average for Jay Leno at the time of his departure. And they’re above the numbers for Conan O’Brien’s first three nights hosting the show in 2009. In fairness, however, it should be noted that the lead-in for Fallon’s show this week has been the Sochi Olympics, which has drawn an outsized audience. (O’Brien’s stint on the Tonight show began in June, when TV audiences are generally smaller than they are in February, and his lead-in was mostly reruns of shows that had flopped.) Moreover, as the New York Times‘s Bill Carter — who literally wrote the book on late-night television — noted, “Mr. Fallon’s ratings can be expected to fall steadily … until they find their leveling point. That may be in a few weeks, or not for some months.”