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In E.L. James’s 528-page 50 Shades of Grey, there is a sex scene — mostly of the S&M variety — depicted about once every 25 pages. On Tuesday at the CinemaCon conference in Las Vegas, reporters attending a sneak peak of scenes from the movie based on the book were likely curious to see how the filmmakers would handle all that sex. Well, according to initial reviews by the trade press, the filmmakers simply softened the core of the tale. Alexandra Cheney wrote in Variety: “Audience members seated around this reporter expressed a similar sentiment ­ Universal played it safe.” Pete Hammond at commented that the teaser “stopped shy of showing any of the really hot stuff.” But some reporters wondered whether any “hot stuff” will actually be included in the final film. Brent Lang of noted that while there was “a glimpse” of some S&M regalia, “The rest of the footage primarily consisted of the two attractive actors making moon-eyes at each other.” Similarly Rebecca Ford in the Hollywood Reporter wrote that “the film looks to be more romantic than sexual.”