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For the first time ever, the number of Americans who subscribe to cable, satellite or fiber-optic services for TV entertainment declined in 2013, research firm SNL Kagan said on Wednesday. Although the number is small — slightly more than 250,000 — it nevertheless could foreshadow a trend, the researchers suggested. It noted that the decline occurred despite a significant expansion of the housing market, something that is usually accompanied by additional cable subscribers. “While seasonally driven quarterly declines have become routine for industry watchers, the annual dip illustrates longer-term downward pressure even as economic conditions gradually improve,” the research firm said. Reporting on the study, Bloomberg news commented that more and more people are discovering that they can find satisfactory entertainment from such services as Netflix and Amazon prime, which charge less than $10 per month. “What’s changed is that fewer people are willing to shell out $40 a month or more for the wider menu of cable channels,” Bloomberg said.