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A group of recent USC graduates recently decided to make a TV commercial on spec for Tesla, the electric car company that doesn’t buy television advertising. The resulting ad, which reportedly cost its creators $1,500, was sent to several persons with connections to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was charmed with the spot, about a little boy who climbs into a Tesla in his parents’ garage and imagines he’s behind the controls of a spaceship. The production team, who call themselves Everdream Pictures, was summoned to meet with Musk in January, and, while it has not become Tesla’s first TV commercial, the company has posted it on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and Musk himself tweeted it last week. When one of the commenters asked whether he plans to hire the Everdream team, he replied, “Yes, I’m confident that Tesla will do something with them.” Speaking to Advertising Age magazine Co-CEO James Khabushani indicated that it’s not necessary to be a big production company to create an effective TV commercial. “Kids like us — as long as we have the cameras and creativity — can make anything we want,” he said.