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For years, the conventional wisdom in the movie industry has been that the relatively young moviegoing crowd place little value in the reviews of film critics, if indeed they read those reviews at all. Recognizing that apparent state of affairs, movie marketers and publicists have focused their attention elsewhere, principally on social media and TV talk shows that skew toward younger audiences. But now comes new research from Nielsen, which says in its 2013 American Moviegoing report that 80 percent of moviegoers check out movie reviews at least some of the time before deciding which films to see, while only half that number — 40 percent — said they consider the recommendations from friends and family on Facebook and Twitter. The poll indicated that 44 percent also are swayed by what they see in movie trailers. Many moviegoers, it seems, don’t actually read the reviews but are influenced by them nonetheless, according to the Nielsen study. Some 41 percent simply check out the overall ratings score by critics on Rotten Tomatoes or IMDb.