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Saying in effect that he was forced to sign last month’s deal with Comcast to ensure that his customers got optimum service, Netflix chief Reed Hastings on Thursday called on the FCC to enact stronger net neutrality regulations that would obviate such a deal. “If this kind of leverage is effective against Netflix, which is pretty large, imagine the plight of smaller services today and in the future.” he wrote. “Without strong net neutrality, big ISPs can demand potentially escalating fees for the interconnection required to deliver high quality service.” Today’s (Friday) New York Times, however, pointed out that the agreement between Comcast and Netflix had little to do with so-called Internet neutrality, which in the past has meant that distributors should keep their hands off what is transmitted from them to their customers — the “last mile” of their service. The Times noted that the agreement with Comcast dealt with not the last mile but the “front gate,” the link between Netflix and Comcast. David Cohen, Comcast executive vice president said in a statement on Thursday that Netflix has always paid for its connection to the distributor.