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Presumably concerned about possible regulatory repercussions, CBS Radio and Spanish-language Univision Radio are refusing to air commercials for the pizza franchise Pizza Patrón that include the word “chingón” in the copy, Yousef Kattan Fernandez, the head of TruMC, the agency that buys media for Pizza Patron, told Urban dictionaries translate the term as “f***in’ great.” In the ads, scheduled to begin airing on March 31, several Latino celebrities tell why they are “chingón” enough to try the new spicy pizza. Fernandez said that the agency had hired national and local personalities in the major markets where it does business “who speak the way the brand speaks, not apologizing for who or what they are and [who] know how to have fun with the subject.” One of them, TV comedian George Lopez, tweeted: “I got censored for speaking Mexican.” Commented “If Pizza Patrón plays its cards right, the pizza chain may save ad dollars by getting much more buzz and popularity out of the controversy in social media than it would have airing the ads in the radio networks that are censoring it.”