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UPDATE: The fourth season finale of The Walking Dead Sunday night drew 15.7 million viewers. While some analysts had expected the show to set a ratings record for a scripted cable show, the audience actually fell short of the 16.1 million who tuned in for Season Four’s premiere in October.

EARLIER: Ratings for the fourth season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead on Sunday night aren’t in yet, but newspaper and online critics’ reviews are, and they’re mostly positive. Tim Molloy at pronounced it “a good season finale” and said that “it was truly scary.” Not just scary, according to Melissa Leon at, it was “the most terrifyingly intense hour the show has produced all season.” Erik Kain at agreed, writing that the finale gave viewers “some of the best, most exciting and frightening moments in the show’s entire run. As dark as the show turned two episodes ago, with the death of two young girls, Sunday night’s episode is even more grim and unsettling.” CNN’s Henry Hanks commented, “It wouldn’t be a finale to The Walking Dead without at least a few moments that make you gasp, and Sunday night’s season ender certainly delivered.” But Richard Rys at New York magazine’s website offered a detailed recap of the episode, concluding, “What was mostly a solid episode should have ended with a roar. Instead, it goes out with a sad trombone.” Rys also wrote, “Looking back on this season, the promising first half gave way to a disappointing back-eight.” Kollin Lore of Britain’s Guardian also expressed disappointment with the ending. After all, he noted, everyone tunes into a Walking Dead finale wondering who’s going to be next to bite the dust? And even the hype for the show including posters bearing the words, “Who Will Survive?” But, said Lore, “the result … did not live up to the hype at all.” The episode turned out to be “more of a filler, character kind of episode than a finale, merely “a buildup to what is ahead in Season 5.”