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Will moviegoers flood theaters this weekend to see Darren Aronofsky’s Noah? Box-office pundits are hedging their bets. The movie has opened strongly in some overseas markets and sold about $1.6 million worth of tickets domestically on Thursday night, but those facts provide not much of a clue to how well it will do this weekend, analysts acknowledge. Most are predicting a $30-35 million opening. Much, it would seem, depends on how moviegoers react to the controversy surrounding the movie, particularly among religious groups. Some analysts have said that the script was fashioned so as to attract both believers and non-believers, but that may be too delicate a balance to achieve. Also opening this week is Sabotage, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s third major film since leaving office as California’s governor. The film is receiving dreadful reviews, and analysts suggest it will likely open with less than $10 milliion in ticket sales. Finally the biopic Cesar Chavez is opening in 664 theaters and will likely pull in large Hispanic audiences. It’s expected to earn $5-8 million.