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The founder of Aereo says he is hoping that the U.S. Supreme Court makes a clear-cut decision after hearing arguments in the broadcasters’ case against the TV service next Thuesday — and not return the case to the lower courts. In an interview with, Chet Konijia commented, “If they choose to remand the case, it’s back to the starting point. And it’s another two-year cycle before it gets up there again. I just hope for clarity more than anything else.” However, even if the high court decides in Aereo’s favor, Konijia says that he expects the battle with broadcasters to go on. “They will concoct some other theory. They will go to Congress. They will do whatever,” he said. Asked whether Aereo would consider licensing the broadcasters’ content, Konijia replied, “What license and on what basis? Let’s not forget they are putting their content out for free in the public area. … We are the techno guys. Our job is to create technology that gets more eyeballs to their content that they monetize through advertising. If they don’t want to be broadcasters any more, don’t be a broadcaster. But I’m not going to invent some regime of taxation.