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Stephen Colbert, who, in satirizing conservative talk show hosts such as Bill O’Reilly, has struck a nerve with O’Reilly himself. On his show Tuesday night, O’Reilly called Colbert a “deceiver” (a term with which the real Colbert, as opposed to his character, would likely have no quarrel). He also referred to Colbert as “the darling of the Internet” (another description with which Colbert would probably agree). He then went on: “He’s a true progressive believer playing exclusively to other believers. Colbert can be dismissed as clueless, but the guy does do damage because he gives cover to powerful people who are selling Americans a big lie that this country is bad.” (And the real Colbert might readily apply the same description to O’Reilly.) In February, Colbert auctioned off a microwave oven that he said he stole from O’Reilly’s green room when he appeared on the Fox News host’s show in 2007. “Historians can debate who came out on top,” Colbert said, “but only one of us came away with the other’s microwave oven.” The autographed microwave sold for $5,400, with the profits going to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which assists injured members of the armed services.