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Labor MP Tom Watson, who spearheaded the parliamentary investigation of the News Corp phone-hacking scandal and who later testified before the special committee on media ethics about the alleged misconduct of British tabloids, has had his own ethics challenged after revealing a plot twist in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on Twitter. Watson, who once was dubbed Rupert Murdoch’s “tormenter in chief,” was slammed for his tweet by fans of the movie, which opened in the U.K. last week, ahead of its U.S. opening. Their remarks were picked up on Thursday by Murdoch’s London Sun, in an article headlined, “MP bugs fans with Spidey 2 plot spoil.” In its lede paragraph, the Sun referred to the him as “daft [crazy] MP Tom Watson.” It cited one “furious” fan as tweeting, “I would have thought even MPs would get the concept of spoilers. That was completely t***ish.” [Presumably the asterisks expurgated a particularly British expletive.] Watson quickly deleted his tweet, and, said the Sun, “made a groveling apology.” Later, he posted a scan of the Sun article on his Twitter page, with the comment, “Hi @rupertmurdoch. Me again. Surprised your Sun people let this through. @SonyPictures make Spider-man don’t they?” (Murdoch owns rival 20th Century Fox.) But early today (Friday) another fan posted a photo on Watson’s Twitter page showing the Superman emblem above a logo reading, “Spoilerman.” To which Watson responded, “Turning out to be one of those days already.”