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CNN may have boosted its ratings in the short term for its uninterrupted coverage of the disappearance of that Malaysian airliner, but it may be wonder what the long-term effect will be of the lampooning the network has been forced to endure since the story broke. On Saturday, NBC’s Saturday Night Live presented an “infomercial” for a CNN pregnancy-test device (at one point the device announces: “Breaking, search for pregnancy enters its third week”). Commented former CNN host Larry King on CNN’s frequent announcements of “breaking news”: “Since day two they advanced nothing in that story but conjecture. It was breaking supposition; breaking speculation. It was never breaking news.” BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw headlined: “CNN Spent an Insane Amount of Time Covering Missing Flight 370.” And CNN anchor Don Lemon had the misfortune of having to sit in as co-host of ABC’s The View and have the rest of the panel go after him on CNN’s airline coverage. “You’ve covered this more than any other story that I can remember,” Barbara Walters told him. “CNN would not do this if it were not for the ratings.”