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It won’t be a total loss. Discovery Channel, which canceled its Everest Jump Live special after an avalanche on April 18 took the lives of 13 people, most of them Sherpas who were working for NBC News’s Peacock Productions on the special, said on Tuesday that it intends to use the footage already shot for a documentary about the dangers of climbing Mount Everest. In addition it will include footage about how the Sherpas have dealt with the disaster. (According to Agence France-Presse, all of the Sherpas have voted to end the Everest-climbing season now.) On the website, an article headlined, “Mt. Everest: Why Do People Keep Climbing It?” quoted a mountain climber as saying that he could “wax poetically for hours about this” and then added, “It represents the ultimate, the pinnacle for many people.” A writer about mountain climbing commented, “It’s a trophy. It’s the biggest,” but on the Facebook page of Everest Jump Live, Chhongba Sherpa answered the question this way: “For the money, for the living. It is not a lifetime adventure for Sherpas but a lifetime job! Please support their families.” He posted the website where contributions can be made: