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The MTV Movie Awards, that most playful of all awards ceremonies, gave The Hunger Games: Catching Fire most of the top awards Sunday, including best movie, best male performer (Josh Hutcherson) and best female performer (Jennifer Lawrence). But the top awards, as usual, took a backseat to the minor ones, most of them voted on by fans, such as best shirtless performance, won by Zac Efron, who had his shirt ripped off by presenter Rita Ora. Channing Tatum, who won the trailblazer award, was described by Jonah Hill as a man who blazed a trail as “a super good-looking guy who becomes the lead in movies.” And in an obscenity-laced acceptance speech, Mark Wahlberg, receiving MTV’s Generation Award, commented, “I know what this really means. Many people have gotten this award before,” he said. “And you know what they all had in common? None of them were invited back. … This is the too-f***ing-old-to-come-back award.” It was all too much for Mike Fleming Jr., who has taken over editorial control of after the departure of founder Nikki Finke. In an apparent stab at mimicking Finke’s famous snarkiness, Fleming, who had been live-blogging the awards ceremony, commented, “I’m sort of in charge here and screw it, I can’t watch this MTV crapfest any longer. … You’re on your own.”