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Megyn Kelly said on her Fox News show Wednesday that she would not name the Ft. Hood shooter who, earlier that day, had reportedly killed three and injured 16 before turning his gun on himself. “Authorities are identifying the shooter. If you are interested you can get his name on other show, like the one that preceded this one and online but we have decided not to name these mass killers here as a policy here on The Kelly File. Too often it is infamy they seek, and we decline to help,” she said. There has been nothing to suggest that the shooter, Ivan Lopez, who served in Iraq three years ago, was anything other than a mentally ill soldier who at the time was seeking treatment for post-traumatic-stress disorder, although there was no indication that he had ever seen combat. Lt. General Mark Milley, senior officer at Fort Hood, told reporters, “We do not know a motive. We do know that this soldier had behavioral health and mental health issues and was being treated for that.” Following Kelly’s program, Sean Hannity, on his own Fox News program, also avoided mentioning the shooter’s name.