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Conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, who named his current production company Mercury Radio Arts in tribute to film actor Orson Welles, whose Mercury Theater of the Air was a popular radio show in the 1930s and ’40s, is planning to produce three motion pictures in a reburbished 72,000-square-foot studio in Irving, TX, the Hollywood Reporter reported today (Wednesday). “I bought a movie studio for a reason,” he told the trade publication. “I have every intent of finding great artists who will tell great stories that aren’t typical. Everybody thinks they know who I am because of my stint on Fox — that was two years of my life. I’m much more into culture than I am into politics, and that’s where I intend on making my stand.” Can he raise the money to do so? Well, according to the Reporter, his TheBlaze TV talk show brings in about $40 million annually and he earns an additional $20 million a year as host of his syndicated radio show. It is, said THR, enough “leverage to attract interested parties.”