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HBO is teaming up with the BBC to co-produce a three-hour miniseries adapted from J.K. Rowling’s 2012 novel, The Casual Vacancy. While HBO will carry the three-part drama in the U.S., the extent of any additional involvement in the actual production was unclear. The BBC had announced in 2012 that it would be making a TV series based on Rowling’s best-selling novel, her first aimed at adults following her gigantically popular Harry Potter series for younger readers. It received mixed reviews. Reporting on the HBO-BBC collaboration, Britain’s Guardian newspaper commented that the book’s plot “certainly seems in keeping with its HBO bedfellows, such as True Blood, True Detective and Game of Thrones.” HBO is a unit of Time Warner, and its corporate sibling Warner Bros. released Rowling’s Harry Potter series. A news release indicated that production will begin in Southwest England this summer, with Rowling serving as executive producer. Reports indicated that veteran BBC writer Sarah Phelps has written the screenplay and that Jonny Campbell (Doctor Who) has been signed to direct.