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Several critics suggest that football fans who are in-the-know about how the NFL operates may be the most direct targets for Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner. “Though Draft Day feels far less authentic than the baseball-themed Moneyball, it can be amusing to watch all this inside football stuff if you are an NFL fan,” writes Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times. Likewise, Mick LaSalle comments in the San Francisco Chronicle that “Even people who aren’t football fans will appreciate the maneuvers and the high-stakes trading, the make-or-break strategies and the careers in the balance.” And Scott Bowles in USA Today remarks, “Not since 2004’s Friday Night Lights has a feature film captured football frenzy so authentically.” Chris Vognar, in the Dallas Morning News, points out, however, that there’s at least one line of dialogue that will no doubt bring a lot of quizzical smiles to the faces of some NFL fans in his city. A character played by Denis Leary, he writes, “is a former Dallas head coach who won a Super Bowl with a team he inherited (paging Barry Switzer). At one point, he admonishes his GM with a word on the Cowboys: ‘They win. A lot.’ Even when you take Hollywood’s development schedule into account, that’s a pretty funny line for a team that’s made an art of going 8-8.” Nevertheless, Vognar concludes: “Great sports movies aren’t really about sports. They’re about people. Draft Day isn’t a great one, but it is a good one.”