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The original Rio from DreamWorks Animation didn’t received many positive reviews, and the sequel doesn’t, either. Like the original, Rio 2 is also not receiving many negative reviews Most of them read like Claudia Puig’s in USA Today, who writes that “Rio 2 teems with colorful animated splendor and elaborate musical numbers, but its rambling, hectic, if good-hearted, story is for the birds.” Nevertheless many critics suspect that the little ones aren’t really in the market for an innovative story to begin with. It’s all “geared toward the G-rated level,” writes Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News. However, she finds “the striking vibrancy of the animation” to be “most impressive” and says it “earns the extra cost of 3D glasses.” And Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times adds that “the Latin-influenced jamming and singing are absolutely fabulous.” Still, what it boils down to say several critics is a film that will, in the words of Kyle Smith of the New York Post, “keep the little ones happy.” Or “keep the kids content for a couple of hours,” as Tirdad Derakhshani phrases it in the Philadelphia Inquirer, or provide “an acceptable, if tiring, baby sitter,” to quote Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune.Peter Hartlaub sums up in the San Francisco Chronicle: “It’s a bright and fun movie, but also repetitive and overloaded with plot. A nice enough diversion, but not a necessary one.”