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Rupert Murdoch is not holding his breath in the hope that director Jim Cameron will have the first sequel to Avatar completed in time to premiere in December 2016 as scheduled. In an interview with Fortune magazine, Murdoch remarked, “If we make it, it will be the first time Jim Cameron’s been on time or on budget. But he’s never lost me. When he finally comes through, they’re just huge hits.” Murdoch also disclosed that he expects other sequels to emerge. “We’ve got on our plate one or two or maybe more sequels to Avatar, which was the biggest film in history,” he told Fortune. As far as making tentpole movies in China, however, Murdoch suggested that he’ll leave that to other studios, although he did comment, “As for making movies in China, we’re going to try again. But in the past it has been impossible to get American directors to go there. Because once you get there, they want to censor every line in every movie, and they can take a month giving you a decision on one line.” Murdoch was also asked about the rampant rumors that DreamWorks Co-Chairman and CEO Stacey Snider may leave her post for a top position at 20th Century Fox. Asked if he would hire her, Murdoch replied, “I would like to. I’m a great admirer of hers. And I’ve had long talks with her.” He then interrupted his own remarks by commenting, “It would be improper to talk more about that. It’s really for [Fox Studio chief] Jim Gianopulos to hire her.”