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It’ll be all-Simpsons all the time for 12 days as 21st Century Fox launches its new FXX network in August. It amounts to the longest program marathon in history. Some 552 episodes will be airing back-to-back, beginning on August 21 and running through Labor Day, making it the longest marathon ever. The Simpsons already holds the record as the longest-running primetime scripted series in history. If anyone is unable to stay up for 12 days to watch every one of the units, Fox has you covered on that score, too. Beginning this fall, FXX plans to air eight episodes — four hours — preceding an original episode airing on broadcast sibling Fox TV each Sunday night. In what amounts to taking money from one pocket, then putting it into another, then putting it into another, the cable channel paid $750 million for rights to air the repeats, which are produced by 20th Century Fox TV and which aired original on the Fox network.